​​The Office of the Utah State Auditor has investigated multiple allegations related to Kaysville City


"The City used money from their electrical enterprise fund to purchase property for economic development purposes.

Electrical enterprise fund revenues are generated from fees charged to rate payers for electrical service,while economic development is an activity unrelated to the purpose for which the fees were assessed. Fees charged for a specific purpose represent an implied agreement with the rate payers and should be used only for activities related to the specific purpose. If an activity does not directly relate to the business of the underlying enterprise fund, then it should be considered a de facto transfer.

Best practices dictate that rate payers should be notified prior to the disbursement of any funds for an unrelated activity."


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Proposition Number 5

See how this will appear on the ballot and read what the NEW ordinance will be.

On this November’s ballot we will have an opportunity to stop the City from using $$$ from the Electric Fund to pay for non-electrical purposes.  This is called taxation without representation.

To see a Kaysville rate

comparison with other cities and

Rocky Mountain Power

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For more information on Prop 5 Visit www.kaysvillesentinal.com

The only candidates running for City Council in this years Election that support Prop 5 are:

Susan Leesee website

Brian Frandsensee website

And for Mayor Arthur Whittaker

see website